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Once the wedding day is over, your photos will serve as your only way to keep the memories of that day alive. The memories will start to fade away months after the wedding cake has been devoured, the excess invites shredded, and the dress stored in the dusty cabinet. As such, it is important that the photos you get from that momentous day be kept in a safe and secure place so that you can still relive those precious moments from time to time.

How to protect your wedding photos

There are many ways in which a perfect photo can get damaged. The most common cause is the scratches brought about by handling the pictures. The dust that sticks to the photos removes some of the ink out of the paper while a person is handling the photo. This can also lead to smudging and abrasions.

Another cause of damage in wedding photos is high humidity. It decreases the strength of the layer of emulsion that glues the ink to the photo paper. This also leads to the growth of moulds.

Water is also a common cause of damage in wedding photos. The most effective way to protect your wedding photos from getting ruined is to avoid exposing it to the elements by keeping it in a storage unit such as a photo box.

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What is a photo box?

A photo box is quite easy to come by and is often available in photo packaging stores like Personalised Keepsakes. They look just like your typical shoe boxes except that they are specially designed to resist damage and are suitable for archiving such as being acid free. They are produced in a variety of colours and designs. Photo boxes are preferred by those who don’t make too much of a fuss in organising their photos and would just want to have easy access to their pictures whenever they want to.

Why should you use a photo box for storing your precious wedding pictures?

You will get married only once in your life. It will be hard to recreate all the precious moments that occurred in your wedding if you lose the photos you have taken during this day. If you are the type of person who doesn’t have too much time to spare to organise and decorate your photos in an album, then purchasing a photo box is your best option.

Once you have already printed your photos, you can immediately stash them away in your photo box. If you have lots of photos to keep, then you don’t need to worry anymore about looking for a wide space to keep your collection of photo boxes. You can easily stack them on top of each other to conserve space.

The styles of photo boxes today have also been reinvented in order to improve its functionality. The photo boxes offered by Personalised Keepsakes have a wide range of designs. Some also have space allotted for storing USBs and CDs so that all of your photos, printed or not, can be accessed in one place. The designs made by Personalised Keepsakes are all elegant, such that they can also be used as decorations in your home.

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Purchase your photo box from a trusted photo packaging company

Personalised Keepsakes understands how important to it is to have pictures to relive our memories as we grow old. This is why its team has done all means to become an expert in photography packaging such as photo boxes and albums. It prides itself in its classic and sophisticated photo boxes. The boxes are lined with felt to give it an elegant look. Different sizes of photo boxes are available which can also be personalised any way you want. 

All products of Personalised Keepsakes are proudly Australian made. The iconic Australian Made placed in their products will assure you that your pictures will be in a safe and secure place for the years to come.